HIV infected teenage mothers face a host of challenges among them being: difficult in adherence to ARVs for them and the baby, difficulty in exclusive breastfeeding, lack of emotional and financial support, fears of having a HIV infected infant and the guilt of knowing they passed the virus to them, facing double stigma that is having HIV and being a young mother, financial instability and school dropout and inadvertent disclosure of HIV status to others. Connect To Retain has an entrepreneurship component that aims at addressing some of these challenges for 10 young mothers at Kilifi county hospital. There is a revolving fund where the teenage mothers can borrow some money to start an income generating activity. Before they could access the funds to start an IGA the teen mothers are trained on financial literacy, life skills, and entrepreneurship trainings to equip them with the skills to operate and grow a business. Some of the teenage mothers opted to be readmitted back to school.