Youth Against Antimicrobial Resistance (YAAR)


This is a joint youth-led research and engagement project to developing a learning framework to support children and young people’s understanding of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in Kenya, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam. This project is funded by Wellcome UK.

Project Aim

Developing a learning framework to support children and young people’s understanding of antimicrobial resistance and the actions they take as community advocates to reduce its impact.

Project Description

The project is aimed at developing a dual approach;

  1. Participatory research approaches to harness youth capacity, and to incorporate the perspectives of children and youth about AMR from the project outset
  2. Engagements, formal and informal learning to increase awareness of children and youth about AMR and to empower them for youth-led actions against AMR.

The project is being delivered in four countries in the Global South – Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal and Kenya, and validated in a wide range of countries identified through the project team and Wellcome’s extensive networks.

Implementation Strategy.

The project is happening in two phases. In the first rapid pilot phase (taking place in 2020) we will:

  • conduct research (online survey, postcard survey and telephone survey), including participatory youth-led research, into knowledge and awareness of AMR amongst children and youth
  • working with our AMR Youth Working Groups to co-design age-appropriate messages for children
    and youth about tackling the global health challenge presented by AMR
  • testing these messages through engagement activities during World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) 2020.

In phase two (2021) AMR Youth Working Groups to develop of a framework for learning about AMR. This will identify key points of knowledge and understanding appropriate to different age groups, as well as effective ways of delivering these across a diverse range
of settings and learning environments.



YWG members working on a skit


Rajab ( YWG Member) During the 4 levels filming


YWG  weekly sessions


CEO- Connect To Retain CBO , Mrs. Nassim Jahangir addressing YWG members


Head of Communications - Connect TO Retain, Mr. Emmanuel Mwakera facilitating on “Social media and the Law”


Jerusalema challenge

Fleming's Plate

A poem written by Alex Hinga and performed by Joyce Mwanza of Kilifi, Kenya, to create awareness of antibiotic resistance as part of a youth-led campaign against antimicrobial resistance. #YouthAgainstAMR #WAAW2020 #yaarkenya

TB or not TB?

A word play with Shakespeare's " To Be or Not To Be" was conceived and produced by young people in Kilifi Kenya as part of the Youth Against Antimicrobial Resistance (YAAR) project. Actors include Tumaini Donald, Ellison Nyanje, Joyce Mwanza and Sera Fellister. #YouthAgainstAMR #WAAW2020 #yaarkenya

Youth talking about AMR

Conversations between AMR experts and young people in the #YouthAgainstAMR project.