My Health My Choice (MHMC) Program is an Evidence Based Intervention which is community-based, group-level intervention developed for youth aged 13-17 years. It is delivered in out of school settings. The intervention curriculum focuses on:

  • Raising youths’ awareness about the sexual risks they face today
  • Improving sexual safety by identifying risky settings
  • Enhancing communication negotiation, and refusal skills.

MHMC is delivered to small groups of youth through a series of four consecutive weekly sessions. Each session lasts about two hours and builds upon the foundation laid in the previous session. Group sessions are comprised of 12 – 16 participants led by two trained MHMC facilitators (one male and one female). The objectives of each session are provided at the beginning of the session.

Interactive activities, games and other fun exercises have been built into the curriculum to motivate adolescent participation. In addition, the three modes of learning – auditory, visual and practice opportunity –have all been incorporated. The program thus uses a variety of strategies to help youth build their knowledge and skills to protect themselves from HIV and STIs. Some of the strategies used include:

  • Icebreakers to build group cohesion and comfort
  • Posters that convey the key messages of MHMC through culturally-relevant examples
  • Discussions and brainstorming to explore key messages of MHMC, generate ideas, and promote self-reflection
  • Role-plays with peers to build effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Take-home assignments completed with a parent/trusted adult to provide opportunities to use new information and skills and initiate important conversations between parents and youth.

Connect To Retain through the Global Fund HIV grant has been conducting MHMC sessions in Kilifi South Sub County 657 adolescents with the message. This have been conducted in all wards that is Mwarakaya, Chasimba, Mtepeni, Junju and Shimo La Tewa in Kilifi South sub county.